I believe a better world is possible, but that we must first find peace within ourselves before we can create it in our world. My mission is to empower people to be their best selves. Over the past 9 years I have been making a positive transformation in my own life and have been amazed at the ripples it has sent through my entire perspective and all of my interactions. I am now able to find contentment in every day and in each situation that I encounter. I feel as though I am no longer resisting life. I hope to help others to shift their perspective as well.

I grew up dreaming of becoming a teacher and have been motivated by the many incredible teachers that have influenced me during grade school, high school, college, and throughout my life. I am passionate about teaching both adults and children. There is something so rewarding about helping others learn and experience new things. I feel lucky to be able to teach yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP).

Why yoga?

Yoga absolutely changed my life. Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I started taking yoga classes at the local YMCA when I was in high school. Although I did not love yoga at first, something resonated with me and I continued taking the occasional class. At first yoga made me want to crawl out of my skin. I found it so difficult to sit still and move slowly for a whole hour. However, I loved the way it made me feel. The calm that washed over me was such a pleasant change from the typical teenage difficulties I faced in high school.

After I graduated from Pioneer, I went on to take three semesters of yoga at Columbia College Chicago; where my practice started to grow and I eventually cultivated a daily practice. After college I moved back to Michigan, where my yoga practice continued to develop. In July of 2014, I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training at Spirit Rising Yoga & Meditation, in Brighton, Michigan. I now teach yoga regularly in Ann Arbor, at The Yoga Republic and in my preschool classroom.

Teaching yoga inspires and energizes me. Even when I am not looking forward to teaching a class I feel happier afterwards, more connected and alive. I am constantly amazed by all of my students and feel humbled to be able to lead them on their mats.

Why SUP?

I grew up on the water. Vacationing with family and friends in Northern Michigan. Summers were spent on lakes and winters spent in pools. I learned to water ski, wake board, snow ski, & snow board at an early age. When I first saw a paddle board I knew I would love it. I started playing around on boards in the summer of 2014 and right away yoga seemed like a natural fit. The next winter I bought a used board and in June 2015 I completed a Paddle Board Yoga Teacher Training & Level 1 WPA with Katarina Arneric & Westy of Chicago Paddle Company. I learned so many important aspects of paddle board yoga, from basic paddle instruction and safety to the many intricacies of setting up a floating yoga classroom.

I love the adventure of bringing people onto the water, and the look on their face when they realize they can balance in a way that they never thought was possible. I feel so lucky to be able to help people connect with nature while cultivating a deeper understanding of themselves.

In the summer of 2015 I partnered with Red Star Board Co. to offer a weekly SUP Yoga class on Barton Pond, as well as the occassional Saturday class at Silver Lake. I also had the opportunity to teach at OABI, a 7 mile SUP race and Paddlerama on Belle Isle. I can't wait to continue teaching next summer in/around Ann Arbor and hopefully on Beaver Island as well.


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