Apr 18, 2018


I've always had a hard time eating healthy. Despite the stereotype of yoga teachers, I have only just started eating healthy consistently. I've been working on it for years. Years. It took me a long time to bring food into balance. For most of my life healthy time periods would be met with a longer and more intense period of binging on unhealthy foods. Sugar is the biggest one, but eating out in general has always had a huge appeal to me.

I think it all started with me being a picky eater. Anyone who knew me before the age of 22 (yes I said 22, not 12), and especially those that knew me as a child, know that there were a few very starchy white staples that I would eat and that was it! Spices, flavors, were all too much for me as a kid. Sounds boring, right? It didn't really bother me, unless I was eating in a group setting which was always awkward. However, as I got older and tried to eat well, my unadventurous eating got in the way more and more. I had a hard time branching out, eating more vegetables, and eating less pasta. I began to admit how it was impacting my health, so I worked on making a change. It started simple, like adding broccoli into my pasta. Slowly, I evolved.

I've learned a lot over the years, slowly branched out, and am now eating healthy very consistently. Yet sometimes it feels like more work then it should. I love sweets. I find a lot of comfort in food, I think most people do. I always have this idea of treating myself after a long day, but most days are long. Having a few beers on the weekend or a lot of ice cream when on vacation, really starts to add up much more quickly as I get older. I do great throughout the week, but when the weekend comes I go out to eat, I get dessert, I make quick and unhealthy meals, I forget about vegetables.

I've found that it impacts the way that I feel even when I wasn't noticing how it affected my health. It's embarrassing to say, but it took me a really long time to connect the way I feel with the things that I eat. I still sometimes don't quite connect the dots. In the moment it always feels worth it to treat myself instead of thinking about how it will make me feel later. But then it takes forever for my stomach to feel better again, I get jittery, I crave more sweets, I'm not regular again for a week. It's one of those lessons that I will continually have to learn, but hopefully the self-control will become of the norm. For now sometimes my self control will win and other times I'll learn the hard way. All I know is that I feel better, feel clearer in my mind, and much stronger in my workouts when I do eat healthy. I'll never be a person who is 100% plant based or doesn't eat sweets, but I hope to find balance in my diet and my health.