I present at conferences on strategies for bringing mindfulness and yoga to children in early childhood. I hold workshops for preschools and early childhood centers to help teachers learn how to teach mindfulness and yoga for the social-emotional awareness of their students. I also visit early childhood centers and work as a guest teacher, teaching their students strategies for mindfulness and yoga.

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Previous Presentations and Workshops:

Mindfulness and Yoga for Social Emotional Competence and Body Awareness in Early Childhood

March 31, 2016 Global Summit on Childhood in San Jose, Costa Rica

This session highlights the way that mindfulness and yoga can help children reduce stress and learn social-emotional control. This interactive presentation will include strategies for teaching both mindfulness and yoga to children.


Mindfulness and Yoga for a Calmer Classroom

October 17, 2015 Building on Behalf of Children at Mott Community College, Flint, MI

October 3, 2015 Community Sharing for Healthy Caring at Howell High School Campus

Learn activities for teaching children mindfulness and yoga to help develop body awareness, social-emotional competence, and self-regulation. Gain strategies to increase your occupational self-compassion through mindfulness and yoga.

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Sequences, Song, and Breath

June 4, 2015 and April 19, 2016 Green Apple Garden Preschool in Ann Arbor

Participants will learn yoga sequences, songs, and breathing activities to help them teach yoga and mindfulness to their preschool students. This interactive workshop will allow teachers to practice the sequences, songs, and breath together while going over the basic concepts. The workshop will close with a short yoga session and relaxation.

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Introducing Mindfulness and Yoga into the Classroom

April 18, 2015 Building on Behalf of Children Conference at Eastern Michigan University

Review current mindfulness research and learn strategies and activities for teaching mindfulness and yoga to preschoolers. Learn exercises that, when taught to children, will provide opportunities for children to develop body awareness, social-emotional competence, focus, and self-exploration.

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