Self-Acceptance and the Journey to the True Self

We think about 60,000 thoughts a day, in this workshop we will work to shape some of those thoughts to be more accepting. Our inability to accept ourselves can prevent us from being satisfied with our lives. This workshop will allow participants to explore what is holding them back from accepting their true selves. We will use journaling, mediation and asana to dive deep into the subconscious. This workshop will help you positively shape your perspective. The role of self-acceptance will direct you to further understanding your true self. Declutter the mind, see through the judgement, and get in touch with your true self.

How to Build and Sustain a Home Practice

In this workshop you will learn strategies to create a sustainable yoga practice in the comfort of your own home. Nothing will replace your time in the studio, but practicing at home will enhance your experience in class. Learn the many benefits of practicing regularly on your own. You will go home with ideas to help you start your practice, including simple sequences and breathing techniques. Bring
some of the peace that you feel in the studio, with you home.

The Power of Sitting

During this workshop participants will learn various strategies for meditation as well as methods for being more mindful in their daily lives. We will explore several different methods of meditation to calm the nervous system and relax the body. Throughout this workshop we
will use the breath, movement, intentions, mantras, as well as mudras to explore a variety of types of meditation. We will also trouble shoot and examine how to handle the many obstacles that you may feel stop you from enjoying a fruitful meditation practice.